Money Is Not Omnipotent

Money Is Not Omnipotent, this is the topic of this article.

Money is not omnipotent. Today we wanna talk about money, the truth is we love money very much, and money is truly a good thing, How good it is? As good as hope, luxury cars, and beautiful houses, even Villa, a life without fear.

For those, I can’t deny, but…there do have things that money can’t do or buy it!

Money is not omnipotent! I listed five things that money can’t buy or do, check out:

1. Time

Time: We always say: how time flies, we care about this, and we face time with fear. You can’t buy time even if you are a billionaire or more? But you can’t, no one is immortal or eternal, we are just normal people, everyone will fade away, will be old, time will take your beautiful face, and strong body, and you just do nothing with the money.

2. Faith

Faith: the mentality can’t buy, money can buy the body or other physical stuff, but a not invisible thing, like someone’s faith, faith is a good thing, like hope and time, they are strong, tough, inspirational, and eternal

3. Conscience

And the third thing money can’t buy i think is conscience, conscience is just like someone’s soul, everybody has a soul, and a beautiful soul makes someone more attractive, more interesting, more integrated, and more precious.

4. Hope

The fourth is hope, like the beginning of this article, hope is a good this, maybe the best of things, and good things never die. Then money? So what.

5. Love

The last one i strongly recommend Love, love somebody or love something like parents love their kids, the love between lovers, we all want love or be loved.


So…The truth is: money is really and truly good stuff, but not omnipotent, let’s face it and keep it real.